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Delaware Action for Animals VegFest 2017
Saturday, May 13th | 1pm-4pm
Banning Park
1000 E. Newport Pike, Newport, DE 19804



Founded in 1987, Delaware Action for Animals Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, all volunteer organization. We are a diverse group of very ordinary people who view animals as fellow beings, deserving of respect and compassion, not as products, tools, or commodities for human use. Our mission is to inform the public about and take action against the many forms of animal exploitation present in modern society, but especially in Delaware.


As Delaware’s most experienced animal rights organization we are all too familiar with our small state’s long-standing tradition of exploiting animals on a very large scale. This often makes opportunities to help animals seem endless, but the steady progress we witnesses year after year keeps us moving forward and provides great hope for the future

Our work, which takes the form of humane education, community outreach, wildlife fieldwork, legislative/governmental activities, tabling events, and direct action, focuses on the following issues:

  • Animals exploited in entertainment – animal fighting, circuses, rodeos, zoos, aquaria
  • Animals killed for sport or fashion – fur farms, hunting, trapping, blood sports
  • Factory Farming – animals raised for food
  • Resolving Urban Wildlife Conflicts – field work to save geese and beaver
  • Vivisection – animal experimentation for profit, in science, medicine, or education
  • Companion Animals – pet overpopulation, animal cruelty, no kill shelters
  • Healthy diet and planet – promotion of a vegetarian/vegan cruelty free lifestyle
  • PETA’s Chew on This Video


Although fully deductible donations are always needed and welcomed, our highest priority today is to engage new people who are willing to commit some time (a lot or a little) to making the lives of animals living in Delaware better. Our needs are many and support for our entire agenda or participation in every thing we do is not required. Some members provide administrative or professional expertise, while others work on only one or a limited number of issues. For many years DAA has warmly welcomed and empowered any individual interested in promoting the rights of animals regardless of what form that might take. If you want to make a difference for exploited animals please contact us or simply attend a monthly meeting or stop by at a tabling event.