In November of 2004, Delaware Action for Animals celebrated the beginning of its third decade. Over the years the people working with and leading DAA have changed, but our commitment to taking action on behalf of all animals living in Delaware remains constant. There has also been an evolution in the species of animals in need, and forms of exploitation they suffer, but one thing is clear, they need our work and dedication more today than ever before. The primary list of Delaware’s innocent animal victims include the following:

  • Over 350,000 wild animals are killed each year by Delaware’s 20,000 licensed hunters and trappers.
  • Over 30,000 animals are exploited and killed every year at Delaware facilities licensed to vivisect and perform product tests on animals.
  • Over 269 million chickens and thousands of hoofed animals are tortured and killed annually on factory farms.
  • Hundreds of animals are maintained in deplorable conditions and forced to perform or be on exhibit throughout the year at circuses, rodeos, zoos, petting farms, exhibits and sporting events.
  • Over 1,000 unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized annually and hundreds of companion animals are neglected and mistreated by those they love and trust.
  • Thousands of wild animals, most notably Canada geese, beaver, and white-tailed deer, are involved in habitat conflicts with humans that often result in the animals being killed.

Delaware Action for Animals also supports, and participates in various initiatives and campaigns conducted by national animal advocacy groups. We have relationships with many national groups and valued partnerships with several who we work with and learn from. These interactions can be ongoing, annual events, specific national campaigns, or one time interactions in response to a special situation. Find out more about interactions with nationals groups and search for activities related to national groups in our EVENTS section.

Although our PROGRAMS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS typically involve the work of a very dedicated group of core activists focused on specific initiatives, we truly believe that the best way to make progress revolves around community outreach programs that inform the public and provide resources and opportunities for every individual who cares about any animal to take action in their community. Only when this happens can we begin to make real progress towards our goal of ending animal exploitation and protecting and enhancing the lives of all animals living in Delaware. To this end, DAA is committed to working with or facilitating the activities of any individuals looking to save or better the life of any animal living in our community. If you want to take action on behalf of animals or simply feel as we do and can commit a small amount of time to the cause please contact us or attend one of our monthly meetings.

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