Delaware Action for Animals Recent Accomplishments

None of the work we do would be possible without support from those in the community who understand the importance of providing a voice for the many animals exploited and killed each year in Delaware. Over the past twenty years we have learned to maximize our efforts with a minimal budget. Every dollar you donate to Delaware Action for Animals goes directly to helping animals in need and promoting a lifestyle of compassion and respect for all beings.


Transformed long standing circus held at Tri-State Mall to an animal free carnival by convincing mall management to sponsor only cruelty free events.

Twice stopped an NRA supported small game hunting season in White Clay Creek State by uniting concerned citizens, animal advocates, and sympathetic legislatures against a very powerful down state hunting lobby. 

In response to the round-up and slaughter of nearly one thousand Resident Canada Geese by the state of Delaware in 1999, DAA established a population control effort known as GeesePeace in Delaware. Do at least in part to this program, the roundups described above have not occurred for several years and will likely not happen in the future. See programs for more information.

Rallied animal advocates and citizens in New Castle County to block the issuance of a permit that would have allowed the use of costumed primates at a Delaware Riverfront Theatre.

Formed and operate Delaware Wetland Volunteers which in cooperation with our Department of Natural Resources and Environmental control works in Delaware’s wetland finding non-lethal solutions to human beaver conflicts. This program influenced proposed regulation changes that would have resulted in an open trapping season on beaver in Delaware. 

Through our telephone hot line DAA provides advice, and referrals or becomes directly involved in actions that save or improve the lives of many animals. Our client list includes:

  • wild animals about to be exterminated,
  • orphaned/injured wildlife referred to rehabilitators, 
  • animals separated from their homes,
  • abused or abandoned companion animals
  • unwanted companion animal referred out
  • people in need of advice or contacts
  • grieving people who need someone to talk to


Conduct special and ongoing peaceful demonstrations at Delaware businesses and locations that sell fur, vivisect dogs and primates, use animals as entertainers, or kill animals for recreation
Lead the efforts of the Humane Society of the United State’s Humane Activist Network in Delaware.

Write dozens of letters supporting animals that are sent to newspaper editors for publication, legislators for consideration and action, and business establishments to encourage or praise compassion towards animals in Delaware. 

Actively participate on governmental task forces that consider how animals in Delaware are treated or killed. Examples include the Attorney Generals Task Force on the connection between domestic violence and animal cruelty and DNREC’s Deer Plan Task Force.

Support animals in great peril from proposed state (DNREC), and federal (USFW) regulation changes by entering data and information into the public record and following up with legislators and agency leadership.

Interact with local legislators on behalf of Delaware’s animals at “legislative wrap up” meetings where groups of local legislators discuss laws considered and enacted during the legislative year. 

Attend and make presentations at nationally held conferences meetings on animal advocacy. 


Hold free to the public events that promote a cruelty free life style and provide/promote complimentary vegan food alternatives.

Purchase local newspaper advertising and billboards throughout the year which highlight specific issues such as vegetarianism and the cruelty involved with wearing fur.

Provide a source of information on a cruelty free life style and local and national animal issues through the DAA web site

Place eye-catching displays in Delaware libraries on subjects such as vegetarian eating, the cruelty involved in animal entertainment, or other animal issues that impact the community.

Purchase table space at numerous community events to promote DAA and inform the public of animal issue facing the community.

Introduced and screened movies and documentaries promoting animal advocacy at schools, community events and film festivals.