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What You Can Do

Do not attend rodeos, shows, circuses, animal races or amusement parks that exploit animals. Most children love animals and enjoy seeing them whenever they can. Explain to children why your family chooses not to support these forms of cruelty. 

If your local community sponsors a rodeo or circus, write to the city manager, city council members and corporate sponsors and educate them. 

If you wish to enjoy a circus, support non-animal circuses instead. Tell your friends, family and coworkers not to go to the circus. Remind them that circus animals are not volunteers.

Contact the venue that will be hosting a circus or rodeo and ask management to withdraw the invitation or, at the very least, not to invite them back next year. 

Watch television shows and films carefully for potential animal abuse. Point out the realities of “training” to your friends and family. Educate the media about animal exploitation.