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What You Can Do

Support legislation banning canned hunts on a federal, state, and local levels. Tell your federal senators and representatives to support legislation prohibiting canned hunting. If your county or state has no law against canned hunting, push for such a bill. 

  • Ask your local zoo about its policy on surplus animals and their disposition. Ask zoo officials to make a commitment to provide any animal born in their facility with responsible, lifelong care. 
  • Do not support the trade of wild animals in any form—as pets, products, or entertainment. 
  • Oppose the establishment of hunts or game ranches in your community. Apply local anti-cruelty laws to existing hunt situations. 
  • Speak out about canned hunts. Write letters to your local newspaper about canned hunts or canned hunt legislation affecting your community. 
  • Do not buy any fur coats or fur-trimmed garments. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. 
  • Complain to store managers where fur is sold — boycott those stores until they change their fur policy. 
  • Speak up when a fur is worn in public. Politely, but firmly, ask the wearer if they are aware of the unseen cruelty of fur.