Outreach Activities

  • Conduct peaceful demonstrations to educate the public about specific animal cruelty issues.
  • Write letters to newspaper editors, legislators, and businesses to expose animal exploitation and support compassion toward animals in Delaware.
  • Participate on governmental task forces related to the treatment of animals in Delaware.
  • Lobby to promote state and federal regulations that protect animals.
  • Conduct outreach programs and displays at public events.
  • Sponsor newspaper advertisements and billboards.

Humane Education

Humane education has been taught for years by humane societies and SPCAs to elementary school students in the context of teaching kindness toward dogs and cats. DAA defines humane education much more broadly to include kindness to all animals, including human animals as well as Earth itself.

For more information or to request a humane educator with this expanded focus to speak at your school or youth group, please contact

Wildlife Programs

GeesePeace in Delaware

In response to the round-up and slaughter of nearly one thousand Resident Canada Geese by the state of Delaware in 1999, DAA established our GeesePeace in Delaware Program. Over the past four years this program has raised public awareness around the plight of these geese but more importantly has reduced geese populations through our annual egg addling work. Do at least in part to this program and another similar one adopted by the state, the roundups described above have not occurred for several years. For more information on this program and how you can become a volunteer each spring, please contact

Delaware Wetland Volunteers (DWV)

Delaware Wetland Volunteers operates in cooperation with our Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to implement non-lethal solutions to human beaver conflicts in Delaware’s wetland, This program and raising awareness of beaver as a keystone species greatly influences proposed regulation changes that would have resulted in an open trapping season on beaver in Delaware. Today this program is only mildly active due to a reduction in the number of beaver conflicts and resources limitations within DAA but in 2005 the program will proactively work in areas of potential conflicts and raise pubic awareness. If you have an interest in and being trained to work with DWV please, contact